The NCAA rule change likely to irk Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer never seemed to enthusiastic about satellite camps one way or another, but the other piece of news to come out of the NCAA offices Friday probably rankled him.

The Council deregulated electronic communication with prospective student-athletes who participate in football, cross country, track and field and swimming and diving.

The Ohio State football coach brought this up unsolicited on National Signing Day in February, coming down quite decisively against it and other “nonsense rules” that lead to more hassle for recruits (and recruiters) than they bring benefit. 

Meyer also talked about a potential early signing period for football players and instituting a recruiting dead period in July to give coaches more time off.

As for satellite camps, whatever advantage they offered colleges was trumped by the chance for players to get more exposure, especially those who might not be able to afford to attend camps far from home.

While Jim Harbaugh made headlines by taking Michigan across the country for camps last summer, Ohio State just went to South Florida to strengthen some ties that were already established.

I would be interested to know if Michigan was going to make a habit of having such an extensive tour because if there were a perfect time to do it, last year was it for Harbaugh.

Getting out and making headlines is nice, but so is trying to make connections with more coaches and players rather than having to try to play catch-up with local recruits who had been developing relationships with rival coaching staffs for perhaps years before his arrival in Ann Arbor.

It was something Meyer lamented on his second signing day in Columbus but obviously becomes less of an issue the longer a new staff is in place.

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