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A proposal that could save current NCAA model?

Has the time come to allow college athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness?

An issue that has been talked about off and on through the years, I view it as the only way the NCAA can save itself from oblivion.

Wednesday we saw USA Today cover a proposal to make this a reality that is worth a closer look.  

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For NCAA, True Reform Trumps TNT

I thought the USA Today piece about potential changes in – or abandoning of – the NCAA model that could be coming down the pike was excellent in a lot of ways, but the No. 1 reason is that it acknowledged the possibility major problems would endure regardless of who was in charge.

That is the main thing people miss when they start squawking about the NCAA.

“Change, ah say, change!”

Yes, reform is needed in many areas, but talk of burning the whole thing down is counter productive and borders on blindly stupid.

Perhaps the greatest truism in our society is this: We hate whoever is in charge and we know we would do a better job if we had the chance.

The United States of America was formed out of a desire to get out from under a monarchy, and that spirit lives on in us more than two centuries later.

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