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What the NCAA should have said

So, let’s face it: PR is not the NCAA’s strong suit. Of all the things the organization struggles with, this might be No. 1. Of all the people guilty of a lack of nuance when discussing issues surrounding major college athletics, the NCAA’s spokespeople (be they official or de facto) could be the worst offenders.

We are reminded of this every time they simply deny athletes should be paid rather than point out they already are (and have been almost from the beginning)  paid,  and yesterday’s response from the organization following the news that football players at Northwestern have started an effort to unionize probably did nothing but blow a bigger hole in the organization’s credibility on this issue with the general public.  Continue reading What the NCAA should have said

Delany’s pay-for-play comments hit the mark

As you might expect if you’ve been here before, I am on board with Jim Delany’s thoughts on compensation for college athletes.

(If you need a refresher, please see here.)

Since the time I wrote that entry, Delany has come out strongly in favor of covering full cost of attendance for athletes, and I see that as an essential change in the way the NCAA does business regardless of what else happens. Continue reading Delany’s pay-for-play comments hit the mark