Ohio State quarterbacks take center stage in spring football

Day two of Ohio State spring football featured chats between reporters and the Buckeye quarterbacks. Well, at least some of them.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett
Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett

As you probably heard by now, only J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones took the opportunity to spend time with the media. A school spokesperson said Braxton Miller was offered the same but declined.

What does that mean? Probably nothing. Miller has never been great in the interview room nor a real fan of the process (which I think any of us in the media can admit is fairly flawed). My general theory on why the former is true is because at his core Miller still sees himself as just a normal guy who happens to be really talented when it comes to football. I asked him if this was the case two years ago at Big Ten Media Days in Chicago and he agreed.

So to me, if Miller doesn’t give great answers in interviews it is because he hasn’t put a lot of thought into what he might say, and that is because he still isn’t convinced any of us should really care. Nothing wrong with that.

As a member of the media, I want guys to come out and talk, but only if they’re really interested in doing so. We waste a lot of time with questions that don’t mean much and get a lot of answers that aren’t really sincere — either because that’s the fastest way to get the interview over with or it just sounds good. And nowadays everything is a soundbite waiting to happen, sometimes in and sometimes out of context. 

Is Miller staying at Ohio State for his senior season? I have always assumed he would. Could he be keeping his options open? Maybe. Or maybe he just doesn’t feel the need to feed the beast, which has gotten nasty at times with people often unable to praise one player’s virtues without tearing down another’s.

Whatever he wants to do or say is his prerogative, but let’s not pretend speculation would end regardless of what he might say now. Situations, minds and hearts can change, so what’s best now isn’t necessarily best tomorrow. And that is exactly how people would spin their further speculation that has really been baseless from day one anyway.

Whatever happens, I hope Miller does what is best for him. I still suspect that is carve out a niche in the Ohio State offense, whether that is part- or full-time. Only time will tell how healthy he is in August and how things best fit together from a team standpoint.

Meanwhile, Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett are pretty good talkers, and both had some interesting things to say (here and here, respectively).

Barrett especially was impressive as he explained how they are dealing with the uncertainty about who will be doing what in the fall and how they can balance their friendship with competing to be the man leading the defending national champions on the field in a few months.

Meanwhile quarterbacks coach Tim Beck said he admires the relationship the three quarterbacks share and admitted he is just as much playing catch-up right now as he is trying to coach his new pupils.

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