Ohio State NFL draft 2016 first round review

Here’s a look at Ohio State contingent in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft: 

An empty Ohio Stadium

Joey Bosa, third pick of first round by the San Diego Chargers 

  • Bosa is the 16th defensive end selected from Ohio State in the common draft era (since 1967)
  • Last: John Simon in the fourth round by the Ravens in 2013
  • First: Eric Kumerow (Bosa’s uncle) in the first round (16th overall) by the Dolphins in 1988
  • He is the sixth DE from Ohio State taken in the first round and first since Cameron Heyward went 31st to the Steelers in 2011 Others: Kumerow, Vernon Gholston (sixth, to the Jets in 2008), Will Smith (18th, to the Saints in 2004) and Alonzo Spellman (22nd, to the Bears in 1992).

Bosa is the ninth Buckeye picked by the Chargers

  • Last: Offensive lineman Shane Olivea in the seventh round in 2004
  • First: Linebacker Keith Ferguson in the fifth round in 1981

Bosa is the first Urban Meyer Ohio State signee to be drafted.


Ezekiel Elliott, fourth pick in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys 

  • Elliott is the 34th OSU running back or fullback drafted since NFL-AFL merger (1967-present)
  • Last: Carlos Hyde, 25th pick of the second round, 57th overall, to the San Francisco 49ers in 2014
  • First: Jim Otis, 10th pick in ninth round, 1970, New Orleans Saints

There have been 12 Ohio State RB/FBs taken in the first round

  • Last: Beanie Wells, 31st overall to the Cardinals in 2009
  • First: Howard “Hopalong” Cassady, third overall to the Lions in 1956
  • Ohio State has had seven backs taken in the top 10 since 1951, and Elliott is the first since Keith Byars was the 10th pick (Eagles) in 1986. Before that you have to go back to when John Brockington was the ninth pick in 1971 (Packers). The others are Elliott, Cassady, Bob Ferguson (Steelers, ’62), Tom Matte (Colts, ’61) and Don Clark (Bears, ’59). Worth noting: Leo Hayden was also taken in the first round in ’71 (24th to the Vikings).

Elliott is the 12th Ohio State player drafted by the Cowboys

  • Last: Bobby Carpenter, 18th in the first round pick in 2006.
  • First: Jimmy Harris, wide receiver, 12th round, in 1972
  • The Cowboys have now taken three Ohio State tailbacks (Elliott, Michael Wiley and Ron Springs) and two fullbacks (Jamar Martin and Nicky Sualua)


Eli Apple, 10th pick of first round by the New York Giants 

  • 28th cornerback and 53rd defensive back selected from Ohio State in the common draft era
  • Last CB: Doran Grant, fourth round, 2015 by the Steelers
  • First CB: Ted Provost, seventh round, 1970 by the Rams
  • 10th Ohio State cornerback taken in the first round and the second in three seasons after Bradley Roby went to the Broncos with the 31st pick in 2014. The only Buckeye CB taken higher than 10th is Shawn Springs, who was the third pick in 1997 by the Seahawks.

Apple is the 21st Buckeye picked by the New York Giants

  • Last: Defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins in the 2013 second round
  • First: Halfback Dick Heekin in 1936 eighth round (first NFL draft; second Buckeye ever selected)


Taylor Decker, 16th pick of the first round by the Detroit Lions  

  • Decker is the 23rd Ohio State offensive tackle selected in common draft era
  • Last: Jack Mewhort, 27th pick of the second round (59th overall) by the Indianapolis Colts in 2014
  • First: Mike Current, fifth pick of third round in 1967 by Denver
  • Decker is the 10th Ohio State offensive tackle drafted in the first round since 1967, joining Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer, Jim Lachey, William Robers, Chris Ward, Kurt Schumaker, Doug France, Rufus Mays and Dave Foley.

Decker is the 24th Ohio State player selected by the Lions

  • Last: Derek MacCready, defensive end, ninth round, 1989
  • First: Charley Hamrick, tackle, second round, 1937
  • He is the third Buckeye taken in the first round by the Lions, joining offensive tackle Daryl Sanders (12th pick in 1963) and Howard “Hopalong” Cassady (third pick, 1956).

Decker is the 19th Ohio State player from Southwest Ohio drafted since 1994.


Darron Lee, 20th pick of the first round by the New York Jets  

  • He is the 49th linebacker from Ohio State chosen in the common era (1967-present).
  • Last: Ryan Shazier, who went 15th overall to the Steelers in 2014
  • First: Nick Roman, Bengals, 10th round 1970
  • He is the 10th Ohio State linebacker picked in the first round in the common era.
  • Last: Shazier
  • First: Rick Middleton, who went 13th overall to the Saints in 1974. The Broncos picked Randy Gradishar one pick later

Lee is the 12th Buckeye picked by Jets

  • Last: Devin Smith, WR, second round, 2015
  • First: Dave Foley, OT, first round, 1969
  • The Jets have previously taken three OSU linebackers: Anthony Schlegel, Al Washington and Ed Thompson

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