Comparing Careers: Ohio State football 3- and 4-star recruits

After taking a look at the success rate of Ohio State’s five-star recruits, we turned our attention to the lower rated but perhaps overall more important guys who account for well over 80 percent of the roster.

The study of the Buckeyes who signed as four-star recruits and those rated three-stars (or lower) brought out a couple more surprises than the five-star study, which served as more of an affirmation of the practice than anything else.

Particularly interesting was that while the NFL draft rate was about the same, the percentage of players from one of the groups who became starters was noticeably higher. Yet the opposite was true when it came to earning All-America honors.

Check it out: Comparing Careers: OSU 3- and 4-star recruits – ohiostate – Scout.

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