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Thursday Theories on the Finals, football and more

I’ll have final thoughts on the NBA Finals later, but for now here’s some fallout from

Is the Steph Curry revolution already over?

I’m going to go with no. While it did appear he and the Warriors played worse after getting punched in the nose, that doesn’t mean they can’t get their swagger back. Nor does it mean they were a fraud exposed by the Cavs.  Continue reading Thursday Theories on the Finals, football and more


Friday Finds: More changes coming to satellite camps?

We begin today with an interesting story from The Virginian-Pilot about potential changes that could be coming to NCAA football regulations.

Satellite camps got the headline, but there is a lot to consider.  Continue reading Friday Finds: More changes coming to satellite camps?

Monday Musings: Does new OSU QB commit mean more than it seems?

Ohio State had a big weekend with a verbal commitment from Tate Martell, the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the country according to

He gives Urban Meyer two recruits from Las Vegas Bishop Gorman HS in as many years and two quarterbacks in the 2017 class. The 5-10.5, 203-pound Martell would seem to be a different type of prospect than the 6-4, 225-pound Danny Clark of Akron Archbishop Hoban.  Continue reading Monday Musings: Does new OSU QB commit mean more than it seems?

Remembering when Urban Meyer thought he’d be an Indian and Maurice Clarett defended Jim Tressel

The MLB draft begins tonight. Remember that time the Cleveland Indians said they were going to pick Urban Meyer but didn’t?

Well, let me refresh your memory.

“I had lunch with (then-Indians president) Gabe Paul (and his assistant) in the spring of ’82,” Meyer explained (via “How about that? They said, ‘You wanna go look at your position?’ We walked down and looked at shortstop. They said, ‘You wanna be the shortstop for the Cleveland Indians one day?’ I said, “Yeah.’ They said, ‘Son, I think that’s gonna happen.’ It never happened.”

Cleveland passed on Meyer a dozen times before the Braves took him in the 13th round.

Although he never made it out of rookie ball, not much more can be said of anyone the Indians took that year. Only four of their draftees made The Show, and none played more than 24 MLB games.  Continue reading Remembering when Urban Meyer thought he’d be an Indian and Maurice Clarett defended Jim Tressel

Wednesday Wisdom: Reds showing signs of life?

I’m sure I’ll regret this when they go into another nosedive, but…. 

Don’t look now, but the Cincinnati Reds have almost been fun to follow for the last week or so.

Sure, there was the “same old, same old” feeling when the bullpen again blew up last night against St. Louis, but sometimes nothing cleanses the sole like a good old Joey Votto game-winning home run against the Cardinals.

For those who found other things to do, that is five wins in six games since the calendar turned over, including two against the team with the best record in the NL East.

Not that it means they are going to go on a run and put a dent in that, you know, 18.5-game gap between them and the Cubs, but at least maybe it’s a hint they could be watchable for a while….?

Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom: Reds showing signs of life?

Tuesday Tidbits doesn’t get what the Big 12 is doing here

This is from a couple of days ago, but it’s too dumb to let go:

”If indeed we’re still playing a full round-robin and we have a championship game, I think our means of determining our champion is the strongest of all the conferences,” Bowlsby said. ”We’re two years in and we’re batting .500. And we’d like to bat higher than that. And we think this gives us the best chance to do that.”

Actually, you would have the worst.

I am continually baffled by how many people don’t get what happened as far as Ohio State, TCU and Baylor in 2014. It’s clear as day if you just compare resumes.

The Bears were sunk by their terrible nonconference schedule. The Horned Frogs were hurt badly by their loss to Baylor.

Most importantly, both of them overall had a much weaker schedule than Ohio State, which played almost no complete weaklings but also didn’t see many of its best opponents until the end of the season.

Ohio State passed TCU and Baylor when did because they had to wait until the first week of December to pick up a second big win of the season. That was less than a month after getting their first big win of the season — at Michigan State.

Meanwhile, Baylor and TCU lost a good win when Oklahoma State upset Oklahoma a few hours before the Buckeyes blasted the Badgers.

People get hung up on what the rankings were before championship week, but the way things shook out was a clear indication the committee wasn’t just giving lip service when it said it was going to start with a blank slate every week.

Doing that, it should have been pretty obvious Ohio State had the same record as fellow conference champions TCU and Baylor but a much tougher schedule.

Hence the fourth spot in the CFP went to Ohio State. Pretty simple really.

While I’ve never been a fan of conference championship games anyway, playing one on top of a round-robin schedule is mind-numbingly stupid. The potential downside outweighs the good by such a large margin it is unbelievable.

What is likely to happen? Well, since you’re guaranteed to have a rematch, you’re not going to make anyone’s resume better but you are potentially asking your best team to have to beat your second-best team twice. And if your top two teams split, guess what is probably going to happen? Hint: It will look a lot like 2014.


Homer Simpson mocks sign

Of course that’s not to say it could never be beneficial. Maybe if TCU won a rematch over Baylor in 2014 the committee would have pushed the Frogs into the fourth spot, but that’s a big “if”. It would be another good win for TCU, but should one result count more than the other? Continue reading Tuesday Tidbits doesn’t get what the Big 12 is doing here