About Cus Words

I am excited to announce my blog has joined the Yarkbarker.com Network of sports sites from around the globe!

This move comes as I have added a new item to my resume – in addition to covering Ohio State football, basketball and recruiting for Buckeye Sports Bulletin and Scout.com, I am a digital content manager and blogger for Fox Sports Ohio. That means on top of writing about the Buckeyes, I am following news across the state of Ohio. It’s a fun and exciting opportunity I am happy to have.

You can still find my opinions here with news stories at BuckeyeSports.com as well as FoxSportsOhio.com.

Fox Sports Ohio archive.

BuckeyeSports.com archive.

You can follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, too.

If I were a major league baseball player, this would be my walk-up music.

Have a comment, suggestion, news tip or something else? Feel free to email me at mhartman [at] buckeyesports [dot] com.

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